All our savory pies are made with fresh and high quality vegetables 
Do you want to taste ?

Creations as tasty as they are original, of which only we have the secret :)

It's above all the love of taste and good products !

Welcome to Secret Gourmand !

Our currente products are the results of our history. Here is a small piece...
Secret Gourmand  was born in october 2009. A small workshop in Miroir street spreads it's sweet smells for the first time in the Des Marolles district. Two tables, a six-plate oven and a mixer. Not a lot of materiel, then but a head full of ideas for exploring the world of pies and pastry. The intention is clear : to make people happy. Gourmet pleasure, nothing but gourmet…
In 2014, the team moved to Chaussée de Waterloo and opened a store next to the workshop. The customers of the shop follows and a new one develops. Pascal and Mathieu join the team and bring their creativity. From that moment,  Secret Gourmand  promises constant innovations. Every three months, the menu is changed and alongside our classics, innovative pies are added for a season.
Following the success, two other shops opened, once at Place du Chatelain 49, the other at  Rue Xavier de Bue 72.
2017 brings it's share of innovations with new creations, this time Secret Gourmand  takes the pies out of their shapes and molds. Baked in a pot, these one-person pies explore the world of the possible a little more…
Over time,  Secret Gourmand  has managed to preserve it's identity and continues to create gourmet memories... You taste, you fall in love… Secret Gourmand is firts and foremost to have fun, to have fun, that's the recipe to make the other happy.